Along with scar tissue constrictions due to prostatectomies and increased pain experienced from prostatitis, it is common to hold a vast amount of tension and tightness in the male pelvic floor and surrounding muscles. Due to classic male posture, we usually find excessive tightness in the glutes and hip flexors. At Motivate we believe it is essential to release tight tissue and fascia that is restricting natural total body movement. To maximize your function and reduce pain, we utilize connective tissue manipulation to reduce fascial restrictions and promote adequate tissue health which is combined with focused stretching positions that further advanced your Selfcare recovery.


For example:  A male with the job demands of prolonged sitting presents with hip flexor (iliopsoas and quads) tightness and pain that radiates to the groin. To help elevate the pain, we would begin by freeing up tissue in the front of the hip and thigh that may be compressing a nerve and/or shortening muscles. Then we would complement the CTM with a hip extension stretch off the side of the bed. Take a look at our video to learn more!

Does this sound like you? Try the stretch, if it helps, contact us for a free consult-Pelvic Floor Therapy is for you.