Denise’s Story

Denise Nichols; Occupational Therapist, Director

has been serving patients in outpatient settings for over 20 years.

Adapt and Thrive with chronic health issues:

As life will do, it through Denise for a loop. Neurological Lyme was dumped into her lap (or brain and spinal cord to be more precise). For the past 5+ years she has had to learn to live, hand-in-hand with all of the symptoms and challenges that she has helped her pts, over the years, learn to thrive with. This inspired her to write her first book and Workbook “Your Selfcare Matrix; 10 Critical Principles to Effectively Improve Awareness, Communicate Your Needs, and Manage Your Health Naturally.” Like many “dis-eases” that we see our patients living with, Lyme is misunderstood, under researched and under-served. She understands first-hand the vulnerability, frustration, and hopelessness having your life turned upside down from the mental and physical limitations. It solidified her belief that mindset is everything. The power of perseverance and believing in yourself, combined with building a strong Circle of Trust and then leaning on that support system is not easy, but key. Setting boundaries and knowing when to ask for help, not ignoring symptoms, embracing change day by day makes the difference between surviving and thriving.

Embrace CHANGE

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