Welcome To Motivate!

We are:​

  • A premier leader in the Rockford Illinois area for Men’s and Women’s Outpatient Therapy solutions.
  • Specialists in Pelvic Strengthening and Pelvic Pain related issues as well as all orthopedic conditions.
  • Your “whole body” specialists because we take into account your entire body and how all the different parts affect each other.
  • A respected outpatient therapy facility that has the ability to help improve our patient’s quality of life with the use of our STRONG TEAM of passionate, highly skilled women who specialize in orthopedic, pelvic and abdominal conditions.
  • Rehabilitation therapists that combine manual therapies with a functional exercise program to start you down a path toward “whole body” health.
  • A team that works closely with your physicians to provide customized treatments for a wide range of conditions.
  • Dedicated to a personal approach and diverse skill sets that allow us to be better able to assess and address each patient’s specific needs.
  • A team who truly CARES about you and your ongoing health with Wellness Classes to continue your journey towards optimal health.

Who Can Come to Motivate?

Patients from all ages and abilities looking for healthier solutions to your physical challenges!

You begin by getting your physician to send us a referral for an evaluation and treatment.

They can fax it to us at 815-637-1200.