Need help staying on course with your therapy?

Are you struggling to stay on course after discharge? Our new Refresher Course can provide the necessary support to keep you focused on your health goals. We are now offering individualized 60-minute refresher sessions through our SelfCare U Studio. Sign Up on-line at    

Motivate’s Yoga for Pelvic Health helps you stabilize your core.

Face it, we are creatures of habit and tend to move the same ways every day. Therefore, the older we get, the more practiced we are at the same movements using the same muscles or muscle groups. If we never move outside of our “box” certain muscle groups get underworked while others overworked. Hatha yoga […]

HOW you move matters!

Movement break! One of the very important jobs your pelvic floor needs to do is stabilize your core with movement. But HOW you move matters. Start with awareness of your postural alignment-chest over pelvis, knee soft, not locked. Feeling the center of your weight over both arches, “reach” back towards the chair with your tailbone […]

Always start with a baseline

When starting any movement routine, whether weight lifting, dancing or yoga, one should always start with a baseline. Take a mindful moment to check in and rate your level of…. (stiffness, pain, energy, mental or physical fatigue.) Choose one or all of those and rate on a 0-10 scale. 0=I have no pain, energy, mental […]

November topic of conversation: Fecal incontinence

This month we are going to be talking about a topic NO BODY wants to talk about….. Fecal incontinence (FI), aka accidental bowel leakage or bowel incontinence. Anyone who has ever been sick with a 24-hour stomach bug knows how awful it is to have to run to the bathroom, praying you make it on […]

September topic of conversation: Plantar Fasciitis

Happy Physical Therapy month! As you all know during PT month, we spread the word about Physical therapy benefits. Therefore, in this post we will be talking about plantar fasciitis and learn how physical therapy can help to cure plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is a condition causing foot pain.  The thick band of connective tissue […]

August topic of conversation: Pregnancy Prep

Congratulations soon-to-be mamas! Whether this is your first pregnancy or a consecutive one, you’re likely feeling the beginning of many bodily changes. It is truly amazing how differently our bodies react to each pregnancy. Our goal at Motivate is to help support and prepare you for these changes. While you’re possibly feeling fatigued and/or nauseous, […]

We’re Moving!

We are moving soon to a new, larger location right on East State Street at the entrance of Rockford University. We are moving soon to a new, larger location right on State Street at the entrance of Rockford University – 4920 East State Street The new office space allows for larger treatment rooms, a beautiful […]

Seeking Relief for Overactive Bladder? Discover Effective Solutions Today!

Introduction Do you even feel like your bladder is controlling your life? Are you constantly looking for the nearest bathroom? Do you go just in case to prevent possible accidents? If so, this may be due to something called Overactive Bladder or OAB. It is a condition where your bladder function is difficulty to control […]

June topic of conversation: Prostate health Awareness

Happy June! Here at Motivate, we make it our mission to increase awareness for total body healing. This month our topic of conversation is…. Prostate health awareness Your prostate is a small gland surrounding your urethra which produces vital fluids needed for reproduction and urination. However you identify, if you have a prostate, it is [...]

Male Pelvic Pain

Intro to Male Pelvic Pain At Motivate, we strive to educate the public and increase awareness of men’s health for total body healing. This month our topic of conversation is… Male Pelvic Pain. Male pelvic pain is a characterized by pain felt in the pelvis, genitals, groin, and/or abdomen. This pain can affect the urinary […]

Happy OT Month!

A fair amount of people hear ‘Occupational Therapy’ and wonder, what is that? Like PT? Especially when in regards to pelvic floor therapy. However, according to the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework (OTPF): Domain and Process, 3rd ed., (Framework-III], AOTA, 2014) “Occupational Therapists (OTs) can be involved in numerous aspects of pelvic floor rehabilitation that impact [...]