Prostate awareness month is not only being aware of the pain and dysfunction your experiencing, but also having insight to possible abnormal movement patterns that may be contributing to that pain, or bladder symptoms that are affecting your quality of life.

When men experience groin or pelvic pain, or urinary urgency/hesitancy, the cause may be due to ineffective muscle compensation developed over time, specifically the lower extremities, hips and back compensating for the weaker pelvic floor and core abdominals. To retrain those muscle patterns, we at Motivate focus on strength through stability, where we power the core by challenging the stability of the pelvis. Core stability is imperative to learning new and improved muscle patterns (mobility) thus decreasing pain harbored in the body.

An effective exercise to achieve strength through stability for prostate concerns is the Swiss ball walk out and tuck. This exercise challenges core strength and pelvic stability by using an unstable base while facilitating ongoing abdominal contraction, combined with weight bearing for shoulder/trunk stabilization.

In this video, we highlight incorrect positioning for core stabilization, how to correct it, and how to advance the exercise once improved. Take a look! Would this help you?