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“Sitting is the new smoking” simply because we do not listen to our body telling us to MOVE.
Admit it-you have ignored your right low back pain because you wanted to just finish this project! And by the time you do (and 5 more after that) now your left shoulder hurts. Continue along that path and 10 years, or less, down the road you might be sitting in a surgeons office discussing you’re next move.
Working a desk job is no reason not to move! There are so many great movement routines you can do from your chair,. And performing this yoga routine BECAUSE you sit a lot throughout the day, well THAT’S Selfcare. Choosing to do something because your body is sending you signals is Selfcare. Trying finding a movement routine (aka exercise) that is fun. Yoga, dancing, swimming or klogging, whatever, just do it consistently a few times a week for 30 days. If you have reoccurring symptoms with no improvement talking to a an occupational or physical therapist should WAY precede the surgery talk. Can we re-set not only WHEN you move but HOW you move? Put it into practice and does your pain improve? Wouldn’t you rather know that before going to an extreme like surgery? What makes you feel less stiff and re-energized after a day of sitting? Once you know-do that. Take movement breaks at least every 60 minutes.