Muscles need blood flow to heal. Working on improving tissue health is very important when healing from DRA.  Working on yourself in as little as 3 times a week will improve blood circulation and promote tissue health.   Now we know there are several postural alterations during pregnancy and post pregnancy the body biomechanics changes.  At Motivate we believe working over the tight tissue and fascia will help to promote good tissue health. We use several manual techniques like Connective mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, Muscle energy techniques, Myofascial release techniques, and stretching exercises that promotes adequate tissue health.  This helps to resolve postural issues which we discussed earlier and indirectly helps to heal DR, especially when performed BEFORE strengthening.

When we work on DR correction, we work on scar tissues, which can interfere with healing of DR. Scar tissues develop because of procedures like C-sections, episiotomy, perineal tears etc. We believe it is essential to release the tight tissue and fascia that is restricting the natural body movement. This helps to reduce pain and correct tissue restrictions.