When building strength in any muscle you must be able to contract and relax the muscle belly in order to facilitate adequate power to perform tasks. The same goes for your pelvic floor muscles. Specifically for a healthy bladder, strengthening the muscles that wrap around your urethral sphincter, to be functionally cut off the flow of urine is essential when it comes to managing OAB symptoms. Yet, strength alone won’t cut it, to truly manage an overactive bladder, you must be able use pelvic floor muscle coordination with functional tasks.

For example: when transitioning from sitting, standing and/or squatting, its essential to have enough pelvic floor strength and coordination to hold in your urine and prevent leaking throughout the entire task. The best way to practice this and build strength is to try it!

Learn how to activate your pelvic floor muscles in a functional squat position with this sample exercise video from our upcoming OAB class! Stay tuned!