Breathing and posture related? Now way? Yes way!
This seems to be the hardest thing for many of us to understand. Just Breathe. Focusing on the breathe cures all. There, done, you can go home now.

But the simplest answers are rarely the easiest. We teach the importance of being AWARE of your habits before you can Embrace Changing them. Your body changes every day anyway, why not roll with it? The breath allows you to embrace this truth; that change is good and necessary, that aging gracefully is accepting this truth first. Taking a few deep, slow, intentional breaths at the top of every hour or 2:
✅calms the fight or flight mode with live in
✅brings awareness to our body
✅allows us to be present
✅allows our nervous to “rest and digest”
✅makes our bowel, bladder, and heart happy ☺
✅normalizes pelvic floor function
Change Starts Here