At Motivate we offer Selfcare Solutions for Life. Selfcare is about creating lifelong Healthy Habits based on Awareness of how YOU feel NOW so that you can let go of the habits that are no longer supporting you. Only then can you Grow forward and be an Empowered collaborator of your own healthcare.
Mindfulness is not a fad. It is not something that you practice in a van with incense and lava lamps, forgive my casual reference to the 70’s. It is something that you can do right now.
It has become way too easy, to become distracted from the now. Phones, computers, TV’s, Social Media, Zoom……. We are very good at being busy. Being present is extremely undervalued in this country.
Stress is what takes every one of our body’s signals from annoying to life altering. If you ignore the pain, discomfort, urinary long enough, your body will learn “bad habits” and over time those habits hurt your body.
Start to watch your habits based on being present. Be aware of your muscle tension habits sitting at your desk, your daily fluid intake, stress management, love language, budget; in a nutshell your Selfcare routines.
 We are here to help support you along your journey. You are not alone. Change Starts Here.