Yes! It’s a thing-symptoms lasting long after the acute symptoms are gone; 4 weeks or longer.

Post-COVID symptoms affecting Quality of Life include:

  • Respiratory diaphragm dysfunction leading to implications for both overactive or underactive pelvic floor muscles.1
  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Chest pain
  • Brain fog
  • Sleeping issues
  • loss taste and smell, difficulty to concentrate and impaired memory. Loss of sense of taste and smell is now recognized one of the cardinal symptoms of CoVid-19.

When people suffer from Post-COVID syndrome, they are at risk to develop weakness in their core muscles. Since the disease tends to attack the respiratory system, the muscle that is responsible for breathing, the diaphragm, can become weak and dysfunctional

The diaphragm is one of the four key muscles that make up your internal, “intrinsic” core.  It helps deal with the pressure in your core.

Try breathing, coughing, laughing, lifting your child. Feel what this does to your chest and abdomen-it expands and contracts. The pressure inside your container moves your organs up or down-if your deep muscles aren’t working properly (like your diaphragm) then your floor is at risk to not handle it well. Your diaphragm, the pelvic floor, your low abdomen, and your low back muscles are a TEAM. One member of the team takes a vacation, the 3 other members of that team have to work harder-putting the function of that team at risk for burn-out. If it doesn’t get corrected, overtime, chronic issues or “habits” occur making it harder to treat. Unlearn these habits NOW before they become pelvic floor issues like:

  • Urinary leakage
  • Urinary urgency and frequency
  • Urinary retention
  • Constipation
  • Exercise intolerance due to fatigue and joint pain

Pelvic floor therapy can help resolve these issue-as we are the EXPERTS in how your deep core muscles function. We can guide you towards HOW to RE-TRAIN your core muscles. Don’t wait. Embrace CHANGE of your current habits to age gracefully-despite what life throws at you. Call for a FREE CONSULT TODAY with a licensed therapist: 815-637-1100.

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