At Motivate, our mission has always been to serve in a way that changes lives. We see ourselves as your guides on your health and wellness journey. We want to help you SEE yourself as we do, filled with endless, limitless potential to create your own positive change. We are committed to providing the resources to help you do this-but the commitment must come from you.

So, what is your mission this year on your personal health and wellness journey? This is the time to reflect on what habits are supporting your health and wellness, and which ones are not. What habits can you break and re-shape so that they SERVE you. What signals are you ignoring? Pain, leakage, dread, self-doubt, depression. The longer you ignore them, the more they will control your life. Take some time to reflect on your mission. What do you want to achieve, or avoid, this month, this year?

Surround yourself with a circle of people you trust. Whether its making a vision board, joining webinars and workshops, or speaking to a counselor or spiritual advisor take time to reflect, and then see yourself achieving your goals for the year. Write it down. Commit to your personal mission. Maybe it’s being more open-minded to the views of others, finding a stress management technique that works for you, or taking care of health issues rather than learning to live with them .

Maybe its moving more. Movement is the answer to many things-stress relief, health of body via improve circulation and tissue strength. And movement doesn’t have to mean “exercise.” Movement for the sake of movement, because it feels good. Moving without purpose-just because. If you have an eversion or intolerance to “exercise,” see “exercise” as practice for life. Staying strong, flexible, adapting to what life throws at you. So, this month let’s explore Selfcare Solutions for your pelvic, and core health. Trying adopting some of these solutions into your own personal Selfcare Mission. We are so happy to be a part of your team.