Let’s first look at Occupational Therapy’s role in Chronic Pain and Pelvic Health Populations. Many of us think that leaking urine, or feces, or even having pain with intercourse is something that we have to live with. Perhaps you have been told this before? Ignore and endure is often the mantra of those of us suffering, no hope in site. Without hope you lack purpose; being a mom, dad, lover, chef, reader, runner, any and all of the above feel more like a drain than a joy. OT’s are trained in mind-body awareness as it relates to your daily function.

The mind and the body cannot be separated. Nerves and muscles need each other. We were designed to function that way. If you can no longer be intimate with your partner, then every aspect of your relationship (with your partner and everyone else you may associate with) can go downhill. Dysfunction due to illness, pain, leakage, whatever it may be, affects your purpose and your happiness. Social, spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health are all dependent on your nerves and muscles functioning properly. Yet if your mind perceives a threat (i.e.; hubby gives you that look that you know means romantic evening is imminent) your pelvic floor muscles may tense in response to the anticipated pain.

Your mind learns patterns. Adaptive behaviors-such as standing or sitting a certain way- guarding against pain, over time can create dysfunction. You pull back from the things that cause pain and now those activities seem impossible. Changing the habits of your movement, and YES, even bowel, bladder and sexual function is absolutely possible. It is called “self-care.” Where there is awareness and support, there is always hope. The mind has an amazing ability to learn, un-learn and re-learn throughout the chaos of life. Learning what habits are not supporting your health is the first way to change. Talk to your local pelvic floor OT to get your very own hand-tailored self care program today! #OTmonth

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