When dealing with any health issue, we all will reach towards instant gratification. But true,long, lasting relief can take years of consistent awareness of habits. Learn how to be proactive. Stay aware of conditions that could affect your life, and symptoms may be related.

During men’s health month, let’s discuss one very important issue, prostate health. One can live with symptoms that are similiar to prostate cancer, but blood tests are negative. An enlarged prostate can certainly affect ones  life.

Prostatitis: inflammation and swelling of the prostate gland, which can cause:

  • Painful and difficulty urination
  • Frequent and urgent urination, especially at night
  • Back, abdomen, groin, pelvic, and/or genital pain
  • Pain with ejaculation

Although these conditions may seem daunting, pelvic floor therapy can help! From modifying behaviors to retraining body mechanics, this month we will be highlighting healthy habits you can adopt to help recover from common prostate conditions to improve your overall pelvic health.

Pelvic Floor Therapy Works