The question is not “how strong is your kegel,” rather “how coordinated is your kegel?”

What is a “kegel?” It is the name of the exercise to strengthen your pelvic floor. Think “squeeze to hold in gas or stop flow of urine.” And though this exercise simulates the function of the pelvic floor muscles, it takes way more than just your pelvic floor to stop leakage. And often, the muscle is too tight, and therefore weak.

Pelvic floor muscle dysfunction (PFMD) can occur after surgery, or due to chronic pain, other weak muscles force the floor to over work, and so on. This is why therapy focuses more on teaching ALL of the deep core muscles (the PF is just one of 4), to coordinate together. This exercise will change your life. Practice consistently, and back with the power of positivity, and you have a SelfCare Solution for life.

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