Abdominal pain and tension, scar tissue constrictions, low back pain all can occur with prostate issues. This affects ones ability to participate in life; whether in the bathroom, bedroom, or in a sports court. And where there is pain or concern in one region of the body, it is common to hold a vast amount of tension and tightness in the male pelvic floor and surrounding muscles.

At Motivate we believe it is essential to release tight tissue and fascia that is restricting natural total body movement. To maximize your function and reduce pain, we utilize connective tissue manipulation to reduce fascial restrictions and promote adequate tissue health which is combined with focused stretching positions that further advanced your Selfcare recovery.

To compliment any manual therapy, a home program should include tissue health strategies. This short but powerful stretch routine targets the improving the health of the fluid, nerves and muscles of your back, groin, hips and pelvic floor. Get your physio ball out and consistently enjoy a few times a week. Your mind and body will thank you.

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