Strengthening core muscles is important when healing from DRA.  There are 2 groups of core muscles, upper core and lower core. Post pregnancy, both group of core muscles are weakened. Eg: Weakened scapular muscles can cause winging of scapula, that affects the stability of upper body.  That leads to rounded shoulders, forward head posture, increased kyphosis of thoracic spine.  To fix these issues strengthening upper core muscles is important.   In the same way Rectus abdominis strengthening, Transverse abdominis recruitment and strengthening is important.

To bring the separated Rectus abdominis muscle together, abdominal binder or abdominal splints can help. Abdominal binders are used when the separation of Rectus abdominis muscle is big.  We do recommend using binders during functional activities like walking, swimming, running etc that helps to bring the separation together and provide optimal support  to postural/core muscles.