Healthy habits during pregnancy, and after, should include a consistent massage and movement routine, prescribed by a licensed therapist.
“Let’s face it you won’t have the “perfect” posture during pregnancy all of the time because that would mean you’re some type of magical unicorn. Don’t fret the next best thing we can do is give thanks to your body and release tension through safe and effective whole body tissue health approaches. At Motivate, we use connective tissue manipulation and then teach complimentary stretching techniques as part of your SelfCare program, to maximize tissue healing and function. Here is an exercise sequence to help alleviate some of the ailments your new body is facing.
Remember, what you are doing is incredibly amazing, but it is also A LOT of stress on your body. And while that super cute tiny human you’re body just participated in creating, or just created, requires a lot of love and attention, so does your body. Give yourself permission for SelfCare Now, or else pay for it later. Rehab is about setting the Reset button, this is one of THE BEST times to do that. Take care of that body and allow it to heal, after all, we only get one. Happy mom, happy life.