Happy Women’s History Month. When dealing with any medical challenge-mental, physical, spiritual, or any combination of these, please remember the power remains in the lesson. Please be reminded from the amazing women from our history, and our present.
The power to act. Just because you get knocked down does not mean you are weak. It is all too easy to feel this way when dealing with chronic pain or when having to manage a chronic condition like endometriosis. Being empowered means you keep learning. You keep fighting to find the team of people that will fight for you; that will listen and learn and grow with you. The right team that will be your resource or find the right resource for you. Your circle of support that will collaborate and educate, and most importantly support your tenacity.
Keep believing in yourself and your power to perservere, no matter where you are on your health and wellness journey. You are supported. You are not alone.
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