Join Denise, perform the exercises, as she not only ANSWERS the question: “What is the #1 Selfcare Solution for Pelvic Pain Management?” She also PERFORMS the SOLUTIONS in real-time.”

Bring a yoga mat, a bed, a carpeted floor, a chair, have a yoga strap, a weighted blanket, a bag of beans or rice-all will be helpful but none completely necessary. What Is necessary, is an open and honest heart and mind, to embrace Change. To be open to creating consistent healthy habits based on awareness of the NOW so that you can let go of the unhealthy habits that are no longer supporting you. Grow forward and be Empowered.

Change Starts Here.

This discussion is for you if you or a loved you deals with:
✅you plan your life around pelvic pain
✅you plan your life around your period
✅ your life has not been the same since abdominal, back or pelvic surgery
✅you avoid intimacy or gynecological exams due to pain
✅you have pain or discomfort with voiding or defecating.

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Our intention is to provide these resources as a means to support you on your journey, in real time, NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE ON YOUR JOURNEY. We are here for you. Embrace CHANGE

Change Starts Here