This is a really great position for relief of any back, abdominal or pelvic related discomfort. It could be performed before or after any aggravating activity to see if it gives you relief. Try giving it a “pre” and “post” pain or discomfort score. This encourages you to be aware of how you feel before and after, making you accountable for each selfcare activity, rather than just doing what you are told to do for the sake or it. Listen to your body, not just doing what you are told, or what you read.

Begin by lying down comfortably on floor or bed with your bottom as close to the wall as possible. Place your feet on the fall and rest with your knees higher than your hips. Relax the thighs open if most comfortable. Inhale think “lengthen my floor muscles toward wall/feet and exhale let go of any and all muscle tension in your back, shoulder, per awareness.

Think “breathe down” into your lower belly and in between your SITS bones. Inhale lengthen your body and exhale sink deeper into the bed, allow yourself to be supported. Sink and soften. Enjoy.

Change Starts Here.

Enjoy the journey.