Join Denise for a fun conversation about a real-life topic; how to survive the week while living in a stressful world, all while having to feed yourself and, perhaps, your family a healthy meal in way that allows for stress-free, quality sit-down time.
While also….
????Raising children, caring for others
????????‍????‍????????Balancing a social life
We all know that just making it through the day can be tough. Deciding what to make for dinner is not another stressor that we need to add to our day. So, it is often all too easy way to just pick up fast food or throw in a froze pizza. But prepping once planning before you grocery shop can make all of the difference; for your nervous system, your gut and your bladder. Your kids, your spouse, and your inner circle will notice a difference in you too.
When you make Selfcare Solutions; like for stress management and healthy daily eating based on daily self-awareness a priority, everybody wins, especially when you ask for help. Partner and collaborate with your family, your partner, your kids, your neighbors, whomever you spend time with. Sit down and plan your meals together, then make it a tradition to eat and clean up together.
Denise is a business owner, wife, mother of two, author, OT,  entrepreneur, and Lyme survivor. She is going to share with you how she has been meal planning for past 20 years. This plan works for dinner and leftovers!
Healing from symptoms like COVID-19, chronic pain flare-ups, overactive bladder, or whatever you are currently walking hand-in hand with now takes awareness, communication, planning, perseverance, but most important adaptability!
So join Denise and see if her way may work for you. At the very least you may learn a tip or trick, or two. Stay Motivated!