Duh, right? Seems like a simple concept. If you know what caused your symptoms your should be able to fix it. Words like “control,” “cure,” and even “change” get a bad rap. This is where the phrase “knowledge is power” comes into play. You can not change, control or cure what you are not aware of. Awareness and education give you the power to do something about your symptoms. You need to understand the “why” before you get the ” how.” If you understand the “why” then you can grasp, and take action-that is Selfcare.

The common risk factors for a PFMD (pelvic floor muscle dysfunction) includes things you can’t control or change such as aging and childbirth. But you can choose HOW you age through the stages so that you enter with educated awareness. Only then can you change and adapt your selfcare strategies based on your own personal needs-not what it is best for everyone-just You. Your history; childbirth, surgeries, past traumas, physical and mental health, exercise, fluid and food choices-it is what makes you unique. Your “story” affects how you heal. Understand this about yourself and you will gain insight on how to improve your quality of life (the “cure” we all search for).

When it comes to our pelvic health, most of us have no clue. No clue what caused it, no clue why our body is choosing to react the way it is, no clue we can change it. But first you must STOP. Stop ignoring, stop accepting, stop living your life AROUND the symptoms. Then START. Start listening, start learning, start acting.

Accept and embrace your story, step into it and then make it your own. What’s your happy ending?