Are you thankful for your gut health? Its one of those things we take for granted. During the holidays, or times of stress, our gut can seriously be affected. It will send you signals that it is stressed-constipation, or changes in how your bowels move, are signals you need to heed.

Traditional treatments for constipation include:
• Diet and lifestyle changes: increasing fiber and water intake
• Increasing activity level: daily exercise
• Use of stimulant laxatives
• Use of stool softeners and or enemas
• Over the counter medications

What you may not realize is…Pelvic floor therapy can be useful in the treatment of constipation WITHOUT LONG LASTING SIDE EFFECTS OR ADVERSE REACTIONS:

1. Education and awareness of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction
2. Biofeedback
3. Manual therapy techniques
4. Postural re-education
5. Exercises to improve motility
6. Selfcare solutions for a balanced lifestyle

You may be eating, drinking, and sleeping differently than normal for you. Counter-balance your change in habits with these simple tips. Party hardy, just with awareness.

What helps your gut stay happy and healthy during the holidays?