Who has daily stress? Whether you are aware of it or not, your body just held up its hand. If the year 2020 is teaching us anything it is that the mind and body are connected and that stress manifests itself physically in our bodies through muscle tension. What we see, hear, and discuss, we FEEL, in our muscles and our organs. What we feel turns into postural habits. Becoming aware of those habits can be a game changer for your daily well-being.

So instead of seeing stress as the enemy, or as another task to manage, this month we’ll explore how to use it as a tool or an “assistant.” When feeling stressed HEAR it as a signal to check-in. Your body is giving you a beautiful opportunity to deal with it NOW. Let it go unchecked, well that is how we end up in therapy.

Consistent held muscle tension will create habits that can develop into pain and movement dysfunction-such as limping, slumping, etc.. Right now-briefly check-in with your shoulders, face, abdomen, and hands. Were you able to relax or release anything? If so, this is a daily habit, your daily habit of held muscle tension. But now you are aware of it and can change it, with daily practice.

Awareness techniques and stress relieving tips, in this moment, is what we will explore this month. We hope to inspire and encourage you. Know that the only moment you can change is this one.

Walk with us into the month hand-in-hand with stress as your personal assistant. Let it teach you self awareness, creating positive change in your mind and body as you head into fall.