Breast feeding mamas know that whether you are seated in a chair, on the floor or lying in bed-you are looking down and bending forward more than ever. As we age, in general, we find that the world is ever more below us and we ask our spine to curl forward more and more every day. My last post was a selfcare tip on how to stretch and move in directions opposite of this new norm and todays strength selfcare tip is the same.

As we age we tend to avoid lying on our stomach. If this position hurts your low back place a pillow under your pelvis with your belly button in the middle of the pillow.

Start by inhaling, on your exhale press your ankles together, squeeze your glutes and lift your legs, hold for 5-10 seconds, 5 times. Relax 5-10 seconds in between each rep. Then try only lifting your arms, drawing your shoulder blades down your back as if placing your shoulder baldes down into your back pockets. Then try arms and legs together, keep your eyes looking down so as not to kink your neck. Stop if you have any pain anywhere-consult your doctor or therapist.

The thread the needle stretch, discussed in the previous blog, pairs beautifully with this strength exercise. For a balanced selfcare routine-try taking your family for a stroll, get some cardio in first. Then get on the floor and do this quick and fun exercises together. Selfcare doesn’t have to feel selfish. Have fun taking care of you.

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