Pelvic health OT’s look at what Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) aggravate your symptoms (like leakage, prolapse or pain) and teach new, more effective ways to move.

We can combine the core concepts learned with laundry, vacuuming, and bed mobility. Now we have to coordinate your upper and lower core so as to avoid “bending in half” at the waist all of the time. Remember the rule when it comes to posture and body mechanics-no “one” technique is necessarily  “bad.” It is moving the same way all of the time that creates nerve and muscle habits that eventually harm us. Moving with awareness, especially with our everyday tasks, is the way to take control.

Another option is to bring the counter up to you with a butcher block. Or you could try sitting on a chair or bar stool-if you know that your balance is good enough to sit on  a higher stool.

Whether it is washing dishes or even prepping food, folding laundry, try these ideas today. Move with awareness of how you shift your weight, keeping your ear, shoulder, and hips aligned

Embracing Challenges. Enhancing Lives.

Announcing Telehealth Care Services! Wouldn’t it be nice to have an expert in body mechanics evaluate how you move and function in your natural setting? Our therapists can evaluate and retrain all of these tasks, and more, with our new Telehealth Care Services. Hand-tailored selfcare programs by our World-class therapists. Selfcare-Anywhere. Anytime.

Which ADL’s aggravate your symptoms? How can we help you improve your quality of life? Change Starts Here (anywhere, really).

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