Do you give equal love and attention to ALL of the systems that make you-YOU?

OT’s take a whole-body health approach when it comes to reaching your health and wellness goals. Our focus is to guide you towards function and an improved quality of life. What do you enjoy? Has pain, leakage or some other annoying symptom-limited your ability to function in any of these areas of life? So, what is currently possible in your life? We create goals around what you need to function; helping you make the impossible, possible. Assessing and changing habits, such as posture and sleep, can change your life when a program is hand-tailored for you. Does jumping on a trampoline terrify you? Impossible you say-“I will leak if I jump.” Not true, very possible.

This graphic depicts the fact that everything rests on your biological health – the health of your cells. Sleeping, drinking water, eating balanced fiber- are all necessary toward functioning optimally in all other areas of your life. Have you ever said, don’t’ talk to me if I haven’t slept or eaten.” If your mental or emotional health is neglected-you don’t hang with friends. If you don’t strengthen your spiritual muscles (your inner will and perseverance, where you draw your hope and faith)-well everything could seem impossible. Every aspect of your life affects and can be affected by whatever is ailing you. We tend to close ourselves off from the things that bring us joy when we hurt or have fear of leaking or re-injury. The systems of your health and how your symptoms are affecting those areas should be addressed when rehabilitating pelvic health and chronic illness. Habits managed and measured are habits that will serve you well over your lifetime. #OTmonth

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