As stated before, exercise is practice for life. Life doesn’t stop when you’re pregnant. There are many symptoms during pregnancy that can make simple activities of daily living no longer feel easy. Something as “easy” as lifting a laundry basket can become impossible. Addressing core, pelvic floor and back health, which include healthy biomechanic habits, will improve healthy and pain-free function. Getting you back to doing the things you love is always the goal.

Pain-free pregnancy? Possible. Support for your-ever changing body pre and post-partum? Possible. Helping to set realistic self-care goals for new moms (and “well-practiced” ones too) is an important role of OT in pelvic health.

Stagger statistic: “Approximately 10% of women claim that it [low back pain] prevented them from working and more than 80% report that it affects their daily routine including housework, childrearing, and job performance the leading cause of. #motivatetherapy #education #selfcarematters #malepelvicfloortherapy #makingtheimpossiblepossible #chronicpain #pelvicpain #pelvicfloortherapy

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