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At Motivate Therapy our motto is “CHANGE Starts Here.” Aside from the standard definition of change, to make or become different, we define CHANGE as:








Naturally, as a therapist, I find the human body to be awe-inspiring. I also feel the same about nature. And if you are really paying attention you’ll find that most human inventions, if not all, mimic nature. That’s why I love trees, especially the Tree of Life which depicts not only the tree and its canopy but also the complexity of its root system. For we all know that if a trees roots are weak, dehydrated and not firmly grounded in the earth, the tree will most likely fail. This applies to our body as well. For the rest of theses blogs, when discussing the “body” I am referring to all 3: mind, physical body, and the spirit, Just like roots they are all intertwined and connected. We cannot discuss one without the other.

Motivates’ motto is also an acronym for the essential steps toward whole body health. The first three words represent the roots of the tree or the foundation from which the last three words must grow from.  And because they are the deep roots of whole body health, they are also the most difficult, especially the first one; CONSISTENT.

The definition of Consistency is: “compatible; not self-contradictory, constantly adhering to the same principle. It relates greatly to our habits, especially cause and effect automatic reactions. One of my favorite sayings that we can learn from the Tree of Life is, “we are not meant to be perfect, we are meant to be whole.” This is extremely important to remember when practicing consistency. Our egos will try to find a way to show that we are failures, maybe even before we try. And it is easy to “fail” at being consistent. Whether we are discussing the habit of practicing consistency with our spiritual practice, exercising, stretching, eating the rainbow, drinking water, proper posture, parenting, intimacy with our partner, healthy relationships with others, or dental health, to name a few, consistency is paramount to success. But nobody is perfect and that is not the goal. First you must make a goal to be consistent with _______ (you get to fill in the blank, stretching more consistently after exercise is one we highly recommend). Then do so in a way that is HEALTHY, for you and those around you.

By Denise Nichols, OTR/L, PRPC, BCB-PMD