motivate movement

What is the Motivate Movement? It is what we STAND for. It is what we BELIEVE in. It is a reflection of what we have learned to be the true steps towards being happy, healthy, and living life fully. We are educators of the truths of what makes all the millions of parts that go into making and keeping a healthy body and therefore allowing one to live a true quality of life. The body has so much to tell us, we just have to listen. Every day and every patient teaches us more that we can, in turn, teach others. It is what we do every day and how we strive to live every moment. But we are also human, riding this very human journey along with each one of you.

Yes, our titles are physical therapist or occupational therapist, and for many those titles lead to an assumed role in their health, offering exercises to help strengthen a certain body part. But at Motivate we see ourselves as only a part of the greater puzzle that is YOU HEALTHY and WHOLE. We say “You cannot change anything that you are not aware of and education is the key to awareness.” So, our every move is about giving you the education that will allow YOU to take care of YOU for a lifetime. Physical movement is only one piece to the puzzle.

Think of our bodies like machines, which really, they are. The most amazing, complex, awe-inspiring machines, that no Man will ever be able to exactly replicate. And like any machine there are essentials parts to its movement. The Motivate Movements’ essential steps towards daily health and wellness consist of CHANGE:

  1. Consistent, balanced daily movement
  2. Healthy Input and Outlook
  3. Awareness, be mindful of what you put in and on your body
  4. Now in this Moment, Simply Be
  5. Grow and Let Go
  6. Empowerment and education with life choices

Be on the lookout for future blogs to discuss each Essential Step in further detail. For now, accept this challenge TODAY.

  1. Create a new, consistent habit: For every “purposeful movement” such as washing dishes or doing laundry, allow yourself half as much time to do a “non-purposeful movement” such as go for a walk around the yard, lie on the bed and stretch, sit and breathe with eyes closed.
  2. Outlook: Be aware of any negative self-talk during your day. Pick the first thing you hear and change it to a positive affirmation. “I’m having a bad hair day” turns into “I’m up, dressed, looking good and moving forward with my day!” Input: Drink one more glass of water and eat a fruit or vegetable than is typical for you.
  3. Take a moment to notice one habit that you do every day that might not support the consistent, healthy habits that you are implementing. It could be held muscle tension in your shoulder while driving or worrying about things you can’t change while trying to fall asleep.
  4. Try Simply being, here, now. No Doing. No thinking. Just breathing.
  5. Try being open-minded with a friend or co-worker that you generally do not connect with. Make a goal to just listen. We believe every experience, positive or negative, is a growth opportunity. Or, smiling for no reason. There’s lots of research out there that shows simply smiling can change your entire day, and then possibly someone else’s day. And smiling when you do not necessarily feel like it means you have to LET GO of whatever else is swimming around up in that beautiful head of yours.
  6. When someone tells you to do something ASK questions and make educated choices and decisions. This could apply to a doctors’ visit or a discussion with a spouse. Do not over think but do what feels right. (Toughest step yet??) 

    For many, just the word “CHANGE” is a terrifying concept. But innately we know that change is inevitable and constantly occurring, in our bodies as well as the world around us. The beauty of these steps is that they are all pieces of our day, we are just asking you to consistently assess your foundation, or roots, and amp up your daily awareness of each one.

    This allows you to DO FOR YOU while doing for others, which intern brings balance. So, jump on and let’s go! Be part of the Motivate Movement! CHANGE Starts Here.

by Denise Nichols, OTR/L, PRPC, BCB-PMD