Fiber Alert! ???????????? The first “habit” to consider when trying control fecal incontinence is your diet.


The best way to change your stool consistency and reduce bowel leakage is to: avoid processed foods (fatty and greasy), Eliminate dairy, reduce intake of: alcoholic beverages, caffeine, drinks and foods containing fructose, fruits such as apples, peaches, and pears, and spicy foods.

What your poop looks like matters. It should look like a long formed log that is easy to pass. It is more challenging for your rectum and pelvic floor muscles to contain watery stool and eliminate hard stools (rabbit pellets).

Solutions to try:

✅ Hard stool: add more Insoluble fiber like wheat bran.

✅ Watery stools: add more insoluble fiber like Oat bran.


Remember these tips for a better bowel movement:

➡️ Only make one change one week at a time.

➡️ Every time you try something, you gain awareness. That is SelfCare success.

➡️ You CAN control your bowels.

➡️ Foods, fluids and exercise all play an important role in bowel continence.

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