Let’s talk Men’s health. Motivates’ motto is “you cannot change what you are not aware of,” so lets talk about it.  Men, it is time to take a proactive role in your SelfCare. Never stop learning and asking question. Find a medical team that you trust. Your local PT or OT should be one just trusted source for natural, conservative care of your whole body, mind and spirit. Apply the knowledge to begin to create consistent, healthy habits towards your whole-body health. Watch throughout this month to learn easy to apply SelfCare habits such as moving, breathing, and eating, (things you already have to do anyway).

Stop ignoring and enduring. Rehab is all about hitting the reset button. Do you relate

  • According to a Cleveland Clinic survey of more than 500 American men ages 18-70 about their use of healthcare resources, they found:
  • Only 3 out of 5 men get annual physicals
  • Over 40% of men only go to the doctor when they think they have a serious medical condition
  • More than half of men said their health wasn’t something they talk about.


Although these conditions may seem daunting, pelvic floor therapy can help! From modifying behaviors to retraining body mechanics, this month we will be highlighting healthy habits you can adopt to help recover from common prostate conditions to improve your overall pelvic health.

Pelvic Floor Therapy Works