In the clinic when posture is brought up I often hear statements such as…“I know my posture is awful,“ or “I sit like this because growing up I was always told to sit up straight.”  Having proper posture can feel like a fulltime job. It takes mindfulness, but just being aware isn’t enough.  First, we have to know how to move our body in order to obtain proper posture. Then we have to stretch tight muscles and strengthen the weak ones so that we can maintain this proper positioning. Sounds complicated right?  Don’t worry- we’ve got you. Using the Swiss ball as a tool can help you learn how to position your pelvis properly in a neutral position.  Once you FEEL what proper alignment of the pelvis feels like alignment of the trunk naturally falls into place, and viola your “core” aka your “center” can actually help you throughout your day.

Proper postural alignment is necessary for proper function of our core and pelvic floor muscles needed for activities like:

✅ running

✅ cycling

✅ working

✅ lifting

✅ going #1 and #2

✅ golfing

✅ skiing