Overactive bladder symptoms can be influenced by a multitude of factors. One being in adequate tissue health. Your bladder is positioned in the low ab area above your pubic bone. If for any reason there are fascial restrictions or muscle tightness found in this area, it could negatively affect your bladder by reducing its strength capabilities due to unnecessary tension.

These restrictions can be a result of:


✅ stress

✅ adaptive postures,

✅chronic holding your urine

✅ constipation or bowel issues

✅ and more!

Reducing limitations by targeting tissue tightness can help the bladder to function properly and reduce OAB symptoms.

At Motivate we use a technique called the abdominal scoop and lift to promote blood flow, nerve conductivity, and loosen fascial restrictions surrounding the bladder.

If you or someone you know could benefit from this, our OAB course is for you! This is only ONE of the self massage techniques you will learn.

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………………….In addition to the abdominal scoop and lift technique keeping your bladder healthy is the overall goal. Download our handout on healthy bladder habits! Click the link in our bio!