Do you know the location of every bathroom? Do you plan your bathroom trips around your activities such as exercise or travel? Make sure you have pads everywhere you go? Major, often uncontrollable urgency when you get home from shopping or see the bathroom door?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions; this may be due to something called Overactive Bladder or OAB; IT IS NOT NORMAL. It is a condition where your bladder function is difficult to control leading to symptoms such as:

✅Sudden urgency

✅Frequent urination

✅Accidental leakage

✅Increased urination at night

These are all SIGNS  that your body is giving you, asking for help, for CHANGE.

OAB affects not only your physically well-being but your mental as well. It can be an emotional stressor that puts limits on your social engagement and daily activities. At Motivate, we have stretches, exercises and techniques to help ease the urge and control your normal bladder function. Visit the Learning Center at our website for videos and our informative OAB class details.