With childbirth comes many gifts:
????a beautiful baby or babies,
????a newfound motherly love,
???? and a brand new body!

Yes, let’s see it as a gift. With this new body often comes structural integrity issues (think “loosey goosey”). Following pregnancy, many new mamas experience something called Diastasis Recti Abdominus or DRA, where the front belly muscles, or more specifically the rectus abdominis muscle separates to accommodate the growing baby.
Think of the “core” as a 4-dimensional container that holds all of your important organs and fluids. The front belly is an important part of the “4D team” and now it has been taken out of commission by baby so the pelvic floor often has to work over time, sometimes for life. So, if we don’t work on it right away symptoms will build over time when we “ignore and endure.”

Commonly, women with DRA experience back pain and weak core muscles. Urine leakage, prolapse symptoms, tailbone pain and pain with intercourse are common but NOT normal. Poor posture and unsafe body mechanics will only hinder your recovery. But have no fear, pelvic floor therapy is here! To help strengthen the abdominal muscles back to proper alignment, here is a safe, non-invasive exercise to get you started!
Breath coordination is absolute KEY! Can you tell she is exhaling as she engages her ab muscles or “folds” forward?
Have you subscribed to us on YouTube yet? We have lots of breath coordination tutorials and highly recommend you check them out. Always inhale at rest(when the sheet is open), eXahle on the eXercise (blow out when the sheet and the belly muscles get tighter).

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