Abnormal postures can carry over into the postpartum period and add to the common activity stressors of breastfeeding/chestfeeding or bottle feeding, carrying your baby and not to mention all of the other duties that don’t disappear after that sweet munchkin arrives such as laundry, returning to work, and engaging in much needed mommy self-care. It is common for us to get lost in the job of motherhood and forget about our body’s postural health. It is important to practice self awareness of your body mechanics in order to reduce muscle strain and overexertion during pregnancy and beyond. The habits you set now, will carryover through the rest of your life. We see this in pelvic floor therapy everyday. If you IGNORE and ENDURE the signs from pregnancy and beyond such as

✅Bladder or Fecal Leakage

✅Upper or Lower Back Pain

✅Pain with Intercourse, Vaginal Exams, Tampon Insertion

✅Pain with Peeing or Pooping


✅Prolapse or Vaginal or Rectal Pressure

It is the time to take action HEAR AND HEAL NOW.

Here are some ways to engage in functional daily tasks with supportive postural awareness.