Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance presents this FREE 3-day virtual summit on April 23-25, 2021!
Join us in attending FTCA SHIFT 2021. Denise is being featured as a speaker. She is presenting “Pelvic Floor Therapy; A Collaborative Approach. She is taking this opportunity to “train the trainers,” (Chiropractors and other healthcare professionals), about the importance of utilizing pelvic floor therapists as a resource for their male and female patients; how the core is all connected and how to screen for appropriate referral.

You may be very interested in attending! With talks on business strategies, clinical treatments, and lifestyle tips, there is something for everyone in this summit!
FTCA’s target audience is chiropractic doctors, physical therapist, occupational therapists and students of every gender, sexual orientation, race, and religious background to be an all-inclusive event that uplifts the profession as a whole. We hope you will be able to join our mission and provide the ‘shift’ in our profession we desperately need.
Gain insight and expertise from the brightest & most evidence-based forerunners of not only the chiropractic profession, but physical therapy and business leadership. Learn to challenge conventional practices, capitalize on clinical & business competency, and cultivate professional & personal development.
It is completely FREE to attend live April 23-25, but upgrades are available for lifetime access and special bonuses. Register today!https://dcshift.app.virtualsummits.com/