As any good fan of sci fi or fantasy fiction should know- the best way to kill something is to cut its head off. Where would we be without our heads? Yet “its all in your head” makes anyone with any chronic pain or illness want to cringe or crawl in a hole.

We KNOW our mind and our body is connected. We wouldn’t have one without the other. We think “move my arm to put my shirt on”, though it’s so fast you don’t even realize it. It takes your brain to form a thought to then form a plan and send that plan, via nerves, to your muscles, organs and fascia to carry out everything you do in a day.

So what if, instead of a movement plan, you are thinking about how stupid you are, how you don’t compare, never get better, or have fear of something that isn’t happening right now? The same thing occurs-what you think you feel.

Consistently attaching to your thoughts, as REAL all of the time, puts your physical body in a constant state of tension, aka tight muscles. Especially in the case of chronic pain or illness and pelvic floor muscle dysfunction-chronic held muscle tension is a major underlying cause of debilitating symptoms that affect your quality of life.

Simple techniques include anything that “checks you in” or brings awareness to the NOW or the Real. What’s happening now is all you need your muscles aware of-anything else just a runs down your meter more rapidly than is healthy.
Take a breath-feel the sensation of the warm air in your nostril and the cool air out.
Feel your every aspect of your feet on the floor or in your shoes.
Visually focus on a picture and attend to only it, allow your body to feel heavy, to sink into whatever surface is supporting you.
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