Actually, you qualify if you are pre-natal, post-partum, peri-menopausal, or any stage before or after. Known to the Motivate team as “thread the needle” this easy to do anywhere, any time selfcare move is a truly wonderful “unwind” technique for the breastfeeding mom. This elongates/stretches/opens the chest, front belly, and sides of your trunk all muscles that get out of balance during pregnancy and, frankly, squished, during day in and out breastfeeding maneuvers.

Start with by being aware of an aligned “tabletop” hands and knees position. No “saggy horse” in your mid back. Inhale as you “thread” your lower arm under your upper arm. Do not be attached to touching the floor at first. Exhale as you reach up toward the ceiling.

Only go as far as is comfortable in each direction. No pain anywhere-in your chest, back, anywhere-only muscle stretch discomfort is ok, and that will improve the more consistent that you are. “Threading” under and upper counts as 1 rep. Try 5 reps, before or after any activity to “rev up” your posture-such as breastfeeding or even sitting at a computer, it can be done throughout the day (with kids crawling all around you, or not). Notice how you feel before and after the movement. Enjoy the difference, and the awareness.

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