Happy July!  Gotta love the month we celebrate our freedom. However, when one suffers from back, hip, or pelvic pain-freedom is the last thing one feels. So, we will be exploring ways to free up, and then strengthen the muscles of the deep core. Improve your awareness of how your pelvis, hips and back are supposed to move, then you improve your control, and therefore health and longevity of body-namely flexibility and balance.

Try the ever famous piriformis stretch. This hip rotator muscle is actually connected to your pelvic floor and is gotten tight and weak on many of us, yet is integral in how we control our walk, run and day to day body mechanics. Keeping the muscle long and strong should be important to you.

Start by trying to place your butt bones against the wall and both legs straight up the wall. If it hurts to have your butt against the wall back up, your back and butt should be flat on the floor or bed. Then place one knee just below the opposite knee. Slowly slide the straight leg heel down the wall. Once your butt starts to lift up you are done. Take three slow deep breaths. Visualize lengthening and softening into the bed. Your body will thank you.

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