The simple answer? Yes you may-but only once you know your norms.
Alcohol is considered a bladder irritant and a diuretic. The acid content irritates your bladder, often making your urge to pee WAY stronger than normal. Alcohol also reduces the production of the hormone vasopressin-this tells your body to reabsorb water, and not flush it through your bladder. So not only does it make you have to pee more, it also dehydrates you.…/why-does-alcohol-make-you-p…/

None of us usually care about any of that-it is a known price that comes with consuming beer or wine in moderation-that is until you can no longer hold it. And now going out with friends for drinks brings fear instead of joy-fear of having to run to the bathroom every 5 minutes or leaking urine.
As we age, things change. Change is a part of life. How our bladder and muscles respond to alcohol will also change-thanks to hormones, diet, exercise, weight changes, sleep habits, fiber and fluid intake on a given day, and so on.

So the simple answer is yes you may drink in moderation. But know your normal now, so that when it changes you will be aware of why, whats changed? Awareness leads to self examination which leads to cause and effect. For example, if you know it may cause urgency than choose to sip at home with friends with convenient bathroom locations-until successful completion of a pelvic floor therapy program of course.
But “earn” those bladder irritants with a glass of water, before and after, and your body will thank you. Enjoy, but enjoy responsibly and with awareness of your selfcare habits. #motivatetherapy #mayi #pelvicfloortherapy #occupationaltherapy #physicaltherapy

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