Talk about the motto for the ages. We are celebrating OT month! And do we need our OT’s now more than ever??

Occupational Therapists are specifically trained to assess what is affecting your quality of life, including habits and behaviors, then develop a program that guides you towards independent selfcare.

Let’s explore pelvic floor OT this month:

OT specific to PELVIC HEALTH includes assessing anything that affects quality of life:•fear of leaking urine or prolapsing organs will stop you from….picking up or chasing your kids, doing laundry or housework, having intercourse, jumping, laughing, running, playing sports, exercising, working
•fear of not being able to pee or having pain holding urine will stop you from….traveling, sleeping over/visiting friends and family, eating out
•pelvic pain will stop you from…..sleeping well, being intimate with your partner, eating, tolerating sitting, standing or walking activities like work or volunteering at your children’s school or local theatre.
•Constipation or painful/difficultly pooping can stop you from…..adventuring out of the house, give you anxiety that affects all social interactions

OT’s purpose is to help you regain your purpose, your roles in life (being a mother, an engineer, a lover, a chef, a pirate to your 3 year old)-which slowly dwindle as pain, leakage, or weakness dictates how you live your life. And pelvic health dysfunction does not discriminate, it affects all genders.

When your pelvic health begins to disrupt your life, OT pelvic floor therapists are here for you. Selfcare matters. We are the selfcare experts. Are your selfcare habits helping or hurting you? Our therapy motto at Motivate: “You can’t change anything that you are not aware of. Education and Motivation are the keys to creating lasting, successful change.”

We can help. Change Starts Here.