Pelvic health OT’s look at what Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) aggravate your symptoms (like leakage, prolapse or pain) and teach new, more effective ways to move.

If the thought of squatting makes your knees cry out in protest the “golfers lift” is a great way to “spread the load” of weight more evenly across your hip, leg, low ab-not just your back. All of those muscles affect, and are affected by, the pelvic floor muscles. So, you don’t use them well then you lose them. Next to go is our balance. Loss of balance and bladder control are the 2 big factors that land us in nursing homes.

Whether it is to pick up toys scattered throughout the house, laundry, or yard debris, try it today-just account for your balance by holding on if need be. Embracing Challenges. Enhancing Lives.

Announcing Telehealth Care Services! Wouldn’t it be nice to have an expert in body mechanics evaluate how you move and function in your natural setting? Our therapists can evaluate and retrain all of these tasks, and more, with our new Telehealth Care Services. We will hand-tailor selfcare programs for you. Selfcare-Anywhere. Anytime. Which ADL’s aggravate your symptoms? How can we help you improve your quality of life? Change Starts Here (anywhere, really).


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