Did you know Fecal Incontinence is evidence of a deep core muscle dysfunction?

Your “Core” is 3 layers deep. The deepest of those layers, your “deep Core” consists of your pelvic floor, low ab, low back and diaphragm muscles.

By the time deep core muscle dysfunction affects our lives, all 3 layers have learned bad habits, affecting tissue health. Unhealthy, unhappy tissues and muscles do not work the way they used to.

At Motivate we have a unique understanding of how all 3 layers intertwine or “connect” and how a technique called “connective tissue manipulation” can help to reverse this dysfunction

It is imperative that we break down tissue restrictions in which we have created over the years to have better bowel function and reduce our likelihood of fecal incontinence

The best way for you to improve your tissue health at home is through stretching, self-massage, and especially foam rolling. Watch this video to learn how to reduce deep core dysfunction and improve bowel control with a targeted foam rolling routine!

That’s why Therapy Works!